Bridgeport Lighthouse Fayerweather Island


Price for original: $400

Price for 8"x10" print: $20

Price for 12"x17" print: $40

     Another New England Lighthouse. This one is in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
    The little green birds in this piece are Monk Parakeets (Myiositta monachus), an introduced species here in Connecticut and New York. The story goes that a shipment of pet parakeets broke open at LaGuardia Airport and all the birds escaped into the wild. Whatever the truth is, there are several sizeable colonies of these colorful birds from Brooklyn all the way to New Haven. Unlike most parakeets, the Monks live together in gigantic stick nests, which can prove to be a huge problem for the power company when they decide to build on utility line transformers. Local governments have tried to exterminate the birds, but backlash from local admirers has so far kept them safe.
    The Great Horned Owls at the top are based on an actual family of these birds that have taken up residence in the top of a 'keet nest in Bridgeport. They don't actually bother the smaller birds since parakeets are diurnal and are usually safely inside once the owls come out to hunt.


Black Rock Lighthouse ©2011 John Meszaros.  All Rights Reserved