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Enypniastes is a swimming sea cucumber found in the deep sea. It's one of those creatures whose appearance is kind of hard to precisely pin down-- it tends to just look like a big mess of fins, tentacles and intestines. I didn't figure out what one actually looked like until I saw a model in the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Most sources call Enypniastes a "Deep Sea Spanish Dancer", but really, how can you pass up a name like "Headless Chicken Fish"?-- which is what the discoverers originally called it. It's so delightfully ghoulish.
While drawing this, I kept picturing it as a poster for one of those old creature-features from the 60s with a Vincent Price voiceover.

 "Who? WHO can stand against the horrible might of that dweller in the depths, that monster of the Abyss, that haunter of the twilit realms? The Abominable Headless Chicken Fish! Coming summer '64."


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