Fire Island Lighthouse


Price for original: $400

Price for 8"x10" print: $20

Price for 12"x17" print: $40

The school of gelatinous marine life surrounding this piece is drawn from an experience I had while SCUBA diving in New England. In August, the abundance of plankton up here causes an explosion in the populations of filter-feeding jelly-things. On this particular dive, the water was an absolute stew of critters-- primarily salps (those things that look like quilted pool rafts), which are actually colonial organisms distantly related to vertebrates. There were also plenty of moon jellies, a few lion’s manes and the ever-bizarre ctenophores. I even ran into a leptocephalous eel larva—represented here by that ribbed, leaf-like critter in the lower left.


Fire Island Lighthouse ©2011 John Meszaros.  All Rights Reserved