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This capybara image, for
example, was custom designed
for the carnivore department
 staff at the Palm Beach Zoo

Need Something Unique? Have an animal in mind you'd like to see added to our catalog? We love putting our creativity to work for you.  We are ready and excited to help you meet your custom needs, whether it be for a unique animal, a temporary exhibit or a one-time event.Thanks to our DTG technology, Nocturnal Sea Printing, LLC can create custom shirt designs as long as an initial order of at least 150 shirts is ordered for that design.   All rights for the designs subsequently remain the property of Nocturnal Sea Printing, LLC.  For custom orders and designs, please allow 4-6 weeks for shipment. We can also print designs that you supply.  Fees may apply, depending on the amount of work needed to prepare your image for our printer.  To request custom work,

or to request additional information, please call 860-490-8886


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