Check here to find out what I've put up on the site recently

10-11-2011 Added a page about Tenontosaurus plus a large illustration of a Cambrian Microbial Reef

8-1-2011 Added another speculative animal illustration.  This time we have a hypothetical squid mimicking a Tullimonstrum.  I've also created a few fictional creatures living in the upper atmosphere of a Jupiter-like cloud giant.

6-20-2011 Revamped the store with t-shirt of my designs!  Added a Red Panda to the Land Life Gallery, and a few sea slugs to the Marine Life Gallery.  Additionally, I've started a science-fiction blog about a speculative trip to the middle Devonian.  Go here to read it

5-17-2011 A new piece in the Marine Life Gallery featuring Eider Ducks.  And in the Land Life Gallery, a portrait of some of the Birds of New Zealand.

4-16-2011 New creature in the fictional life gallery, a False Ammonite 

3-22-2011 I reorganized the galleries into categories.  Also added a few speculative animals in the new Fictional Life Gallery, along with a Lorikeet t-shirt design, a new lighthouse, a Quetzalcoatlus and a Silurian age illustration 

2-15-2011 Added another lighthouse

2-2-2011 Added a design for a Cthulhu t-shirt 

1-08-2011 Added Amebelodon floridanus, a "shovel-tusker" extinct elephant relative and a Christmas present I made for my dad featuring a Colossal Squid fighting a Sperm Whale

12-20-2010 Added Cryptolithus tesselatus, a filter-feeding trilobite I drew for the ArtEvolved blog

12-10-2010 Added more than you can ever possibly want to know about Anglerfish to gallery 3

11-19-2010 Added a new piece illustrating the swimming sloth Thalassocnus to gallery 3

9-23-2010 I'm taking the site in a new direction, trying to make it a more scientific venue.  For my first outing, I've done an art piece and a little essay about the Anomalocarids.  What's an Anomalocarid?  Click here to find out